The forest

The bees are buzzing past me,
the wind is rushing the the trees,
I feel the thorn prickle,
and the peacefulness in the breeze.
The bark of the trees are so textured,
but yet so rough.
The bark is delicate,
but yet so tough.
I so yearn to see the wind that’s coming through me.
I hear the cracking sound of a tree,
and the screeching sound of a bird above me.
The cracking sound goes on,
and strikes fear into me,
for I am not a bird who can fly away,
nor am I an animal who scatter away,
and yet I still stay.
Now the sun is flying over me,
 I feel the warmth inside,
and I realize how lucky I am to live a nature life!

This poem was written in the comox swamp, here’s a link to some pictures of me and my classmates in the forest!(I think they should rename it, it’s not like a swamp at all!!!!)

8 thoughts on “The forest

  1. Hi, thanks if I could I would make it so that after the Shayla spoke she would run away! Isn’t it weird how both our names are Jessica! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I liked the first part of your poem especially the first line where the bees were buzzing past me.
    I think your poem is good.

  3. Hi Cameron
    thanks, I also like that part of the poem but I think my poem is OK not really ‘good’.

  4. Hi Jessica. I really like your poem its really interesting. I like the first part of the sentence. Your poem is really nice!

  5. Hi Stephanie, I also like the first part of the poem! Thanks for the comment. I like your gmail address, pretty cool!

  6. Hi,
    Thank you! I like your gmail address ‘evilinocents’ I think it’s pretty awesome!

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