Heartbroken fr13nd

heartbroken friends

What happened to you,
you used to be cool,
we used to be friends.
But now we’re through.
What happened to me,
I used to be happy,
I used to care,
I used to share.
All you do,
is make us through,
you’re the problem,
you’re the cause,
but can’t you see?
You make me pause,
when you walk by,
all I can do is sigh,
and at night all I can do is cry,
why did it come to this,
I want peace,
but as always,
I have to let it be.

‘An eye for an eye’

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

an eye for an eye

I agree because if you keep fight back and the other keeps reacting, then you’ll never get peace and that is injustice to the people around you because they have to put up with your quarrelling and your problems when they probably have enough of they’re own.  Who do you think you’re affecting with your quarrelling and your problems, and who’s affecting you??? I wonder where that saying came from.

the bee

The bee that’s flying past me,
bee flying

in its world of its own,
working and foraging,
bee hive
helping the hive,
always going to try,
single bee
that bee gave joy to others,
but more joy to me!
honeyOOH! How I lo♥e you honey, my sweetbee!

Does a seed have life???

Scientists now have 5 questions that must be answered with yes, those question are the factors that something must have to be considered as a living thing. The questions for a seed are:

1. “Can a seed grow and develop?”
2. “Can a seed reproduce or make more of its own kind?”
3. “Can a seed make or get food?”
4. “Can a seed use food?”
5. “Can a seed sense and react to its surroundings?”

My theory is that a seed isn’t alive but with more help from nature or humans it can become a plant… it can become alive. A seed is like a baby in the womb, if a mother is pregnant and then dies the baby will also die because the nutrients that the mother has been giving the baby by eating isn’t there any more because the mother can’t eat. So when we’re in the womb we’re only alive because the mother is choosing to eat enough for us as baby’s to get the nutrients we need. This is why I think a seed is dead:

1. A seed can’t grow and develop by itself (it needs help from humans or nature).
2. A seed has to become a plant to reproduce and a seed can’t become a plant without help.
3. A seed can only produce food (photosynthesis) when it’s a plant and as I said before a seed can’t become a seed by itself.

So that’s why I think a seed is dead (for the time being)!

The forest

The bees are buzzing past me,
the wind is rushing the the trees,
I feel the thorn prickle,
and the peacefulness in the breeze.
The bark of the trees are so textured,
but yet so rough.
The bark is delicate,
but yet so tough.
I so yearn to see the wind that’s coming through me.
I hear the cracking sound of a tree,
and the screeching sound of a bird above me.
The cracking sound goes on,
and strikes fear into me,
for I am not a bird who can fly away,
nor am I an animal who scatter away,
and yet I still stay.
Now the sun is flying over me,
 I feel the warmth inside,
and I realize how lucky I am to live a nature life!

This poem was written in the comox swamp, here’s a link to some pictures of me and my classmates in the forest!(I think they should rename it, it’s not like a swamp at all!!!!)


Life is living,
living is fun,
fun is being no.1,
no.1 is winning,
winning is being a modest winner,
modest winners are good friends,
good friends are good people,
good people are what makes this world better,
what makes this world better is eternal love,
eternal love is God,
AWESOME is good,
good is a feeling,
a feeling is an emotion,
an emotion is expression,
expression is showing your feelings,
showing your feelings is reacting,
reacting is being alert,
being alert is making the right choices,
making the right choices is leading a healthy life,
leading a healthy life is making things easier for others,
making things easier for others is being considerate,
being considerate is having a heart,
having a heart is having the feeling of  love,
having the feeling of love is having been loved,
having been loved is having someone who cares,
having someone who cares is having God,
having God is repenting,
repenting is opening up your life to God,
opening up your life yo God is giving your life to God,
giving your life to God is exploring the better person in you,
exploring the better person in you is seeing who you really are,
seeing who you really are is finding yourself,
finding yourself is being yourself,
being yourself is making true friends,
making true friends is AWESOME,

= Awesome is Love. =Love is Life. =Life is God. =God is Awesome, and it all starts over again like the circle of LIFE.

April fools

Here’s 5 April fools day pranks,

1. Switch the water in the shower head with spaghetti and mince (ground beef) with a topping of  chocolate sauce.

2. Hide the towel and replace with a plastic bag of leaves.

3. Take the persons clothes and then soak in meat and mud water then dry them.

4. Hide loads of pink fluffy toys in their car.

5. Make them late so theirs no time for luffy!


So I’m from South Africa and it’s tough there for the people who aren’t poor but aren’t wealthy, but there are allot of good things in S.A like how in grade4 you start exams and that isn’t exactly good but the package that came with it was good: instaed of starting at around 08:oo to 13:50 you started at 9:00 to 12:00 and plus class-time to study! the schools are so different here in Canada you start at 08:35 to 15:15 or 8:50 to 14:25 and there you start at 07:30 to 13:30 or 8:00 to 13:50 wierd huh? I’m mean I can understand why, the heat, now in S.A it’s around 35 degrees celcius every day in Hoekwil, which is where it isn’t usually that hot!