Colour Quiz

Have you ever wondered how to explain colours? Well to me it’s hard. Imagine trying to explain a colour to a person who doesn’t know anything about colours. I’m going to give a different colour every week and if you want to you must try and explain it to me. Have fun! Does anybody know how to make those quizzes with the round circle that you click on and then it give you an answer, like on facebook?

21/03/10-28/03/10: Green.

29/03/10-04/04/10: Purple.

08/04/08-11/04/10: Red.Sorry about forgetting!


Alot of people don’t mind reading, some hate it some love it but I love it it’s second on my list of things I love doing, obviously horse riding is first but let’s not get me started on horse riding otherwise this post could go on forever!So reading is like somewhere I can go to get away, I hate it when people interupt me when I’m reading, it has to be truly important otherwise I’m not very happy with them. Only some people can do it like my family and best friends, like one time is ok but if it’s continues I can get really anoyed, like don’t you hate it when you’re in the middle of a sentence and somethings just about to hapen and then you have to go or eat or it’s the next class, this rings a few bells hey. But reading is fun you just have to find what type of topics, text size and thicknes of books you like so it’s not that hard, but if you’re one of those people who just don’t like reading full stop then I guess you can find or you have found something else to do. Well that’s my definition of reading it might not be the same as the dictionaries but it’s mine.


As I lift up my pen and begin to write,

I pause in the sun’s light,

thinking how beautiful it is,

I forget my poem ‘this’,

but I think and think and do my best,

if only I could remember ‘this’ I’d forget the rest,

but then I remember the beautiful warmth,

and know I’d never wan’t to remember a storm,

so I hold that moment one more time,

and then I’ll try to think of another rhyme.


Today I went to Nanaimo for the first time, it was nice but I think it would be nicer if we had left earlier, took the short route(even if it didn’t have scenery) and had more time, but we still had a great time exploring and looking and shopping. I got two new hoodies which isn’t allot but at leastI got something. We ate taco time  and my mom and brother had subway. My brother got a new phone and my mom got some clothes.My dad strolled around with me and at one point I got really annoyed because we couldn’t find my mom and brother and my dad just laughed at me getting so worked up from looking everywhere. Have you ever been to Nanaimo and if you have what was it like? If you haven’t I hope you have a good time when you do!



Flowers can be exotic or plain

they’re in heaven with sun and rain.

They have sweet sense

that’s worth more than a pence.

They bath in natural love

with the beauty of a dove.

They’re a amazing design

with a sign.

They’re a sign for friendship and love

and you’re attracted without a shove.

So remember never hate a flower

for that flower has power.

I really like this poem, I think it’s so cute! But it’s your opinion that matters(I hope you like it).


Leaving is hard when you don’t know

what’s on the other side,

no control of the ride

but you still say your goodbyes,

you kiss and you miss,

you know you’ll have somebody

to take you through, but who?

Who will you ask for help,

know when your sad,

who could save you from a yelp,

 know when your mad?

Leaving can be tough,

leaving can be rough,

but remember

somebody will take it of your mind,

make you excited, make you happy,

take the frightened and make them sappy!

My eye?

I’m not excactly sure if “it” is still there but today at school I was talking to my freind Priya and she suddenly said “there’s a red dot in your eye”(Im not excactly sure what the excact words are but it was something like that). When she said dot I thought a piece of fluff from my jumper in my eye but it wasn’t, it was the bloodvessels that were all red. I wonder what caused it and I wish I knew. (This was just a random post because, well why not tell you people out in the world!)



Saturdays can be spent in different ways for example; you can go shopping, skiing, ice skating and lots of other activities. Some people consider Saturdays as a work day, some as a play day, and some just consider a Saturday as time to relax. Furthermore, some people have adopted the sixth day of the week as a time to waste on activities that don’t help you in the future, and in time they regret that time that they wasted and threw in the drain (metaphor). But if you go to, lets say the cinema with a friend or relative you are more or less bonding with that person, but that’s just my opinion you have your own because everybody should have a say.

I’m just going to put some good and bad things on the activities that you could spend your Saturday on. Shopping; good; you could buy equipment you may need now or later on in life, bad; you could spend money on things that you already have or don’t need or don’t like after you’ve already bought. Skiing; good; you can have lots of fun and if you’re really good you can make a living and become famous, bad; you could brake something that isn’t yours or you could really injure yourself. Ice skating; good; you could go worldwide, bond with people and meet new people, bad; you could hurt yourself  and hurt others. I haven’t writen  every good or bad thing but I’m pretty sure that there are alot more good things than bad things on alot of activities I hope you have good Saturdays and ones that you can use later on in life. So try and make every Saturday useful. 


Me and horsies!

So I love all animals but horses are my favourite then it’s dogs, foxes, wolfs ect. Horses are my dream, I want to be a horse stud farmer, horse trainer, horse riding instructor, famous singer or actress if all of those don’t work out when I’m older, so as you can see everything that’s about horses is at the top, it’s all in order. Even before I started riding I used to sit on my sisters horse with her my sister is 8 years older than me and my brother is 9 years older they’re both really supportive and just awesome, my brother plays cricket and my sister rides horses like me. I ride English, western and bareback. I really try hard every time I ride and I can’t wait to get back on their backs!